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Only one made – Moroccan runner rug – handcrafted

  • Made in 1938
  • Dimension : H 362 cm/ W 156 cm –  H 11.87 FT / W 5.11 FT
  • Material : 100% wool – Taznakht wool is the best in all of Morocco, extremely soft to the touch
  • Naturel colors : local Moroccan plants, saffron, henna, pomegranate bark, alum stone…
  • Rug non slip and whashable easy to clean
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Berber rugs. Remember this, the Taznakht Moroccan Rug is appreciated for the quality of its wool, very soft to the touch and looks like silk.
This vintage moroccan rug has been woven entirely by hand, by the tribes of the High Atlas mountains in Morocco. The wool used comes from a breed of sheep found in the Siroua mountain region renowned for the softness of its unique wool.
Taznakht Berber rugs are distinguished by bright colors and always the design in the center to represent the trademark of the Taznakht region.
Sometimes, Berber rugs are asymmetrical, rest assured it is not a defect, on the contrary, it proves that it is indeed a craftsmanship

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